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This R library is designed to provide an easy way to extract and manipulate palaeoclimate reconstructions for ecological and anthropological analyses.


The functionalities of pastclim are described in Leonardi et al. (2023) doi:10.1111/ecog.06481 . Please cite it if you use pastclim in your research.

On its dedicated website, you can find Articles giving you a step-by-step overview of the package, and a cheatsheet. There is also a version of the site updated for the dev version (on the top left, the version number is in red, and will be in the format x.x.x.9xxx, indicating it is a development version).

pastclim currently includes data from Beyer et al 2020, a reconstruction of climate based on the HadCM3 model for the last 120k years, and Krapp et al 2021, which covers the last 800k years. The reconstructions are bias-corrected and downscaled to 0.5 degree. More details on these datasets can be found here. There are also instructions on how to build and use custom datasets.