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Get the land mask for a dataset, either for the whole series or for specific time points.


get_land_mask(time_bp = NULL, time_ce = NULL, dataset)



time slices in years before present (negative values represent time before present, positive values time in the future). This parameter can be a vector of times (the slices need to exist in the dataset), a list with a min and max element setting the range of values, or left to NULL to retrieve all time steps. To check which slices are available, you can use get_time_bp_steps().


time in years CE as an alternative to time_bp.Only one of time_bp or time_ce should be used. For available time slices in years CE, use get_time_ce_steps().


string defining dataset to be downloaded (a list of possible values can be obtained with list_available_datasets()). This function will not work on custom datasets.


a binary terra::SpatRaster with the land mask as 1s