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This function samples points from a region time series. Sampling can either be performed for the same locations at all time steps (if only one value is given for size), or for different locations for each time step (if size is a vector of length equal to the number of time steps). To sample the same number of points, but different locations, for each time step, provide a vector repeating the same value for each time step.


sample_region_series(x, size, method = "random", replace = FALSE, na.rm = TRUE)



a terra::SpatRasterDataset returned by region_series()


number of points sampled. A single value is used to sample the same locations across all time steps, a vector of values to sample different locations at each time step.


one of the sampling methods from terra::spatSample(). It defaults to "random"


boolean determining whether we sample with replacement


boolean determining whether NAs are removed


a data.frame with the sampled cells and their respective values for the climate variables.


This function wraps terra::spatSample() to appropriate sample the terra::SpatRasters in the terra::SpatRasterDataset returned by region_series().